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Virtual Hand

In this project, we propose a new approach to model interactions through a skinning method. Skinning is a frequently used technique to animate a mesh based on skeleton motion. In the case of a hand motion sequence used to manipulate and grasp virtual objects, it is essential to accurately represent the contact between the virtual objects and the animated hand. To improve the level of realism, our approach allows to accurately solve friction contact laws. In addition, contact constraints defined on the surface of the hand can be applied onto the skeleton to produce plausible motion. We illustrate our work through two examples: the real-time simulation of a grasping task and a character animation based on motion capture.

Articles related to this project:
- Contact Skinning (PDF)

demo VIDEO: Grasping simulation.
Pictures galery:
Contact skinning method for handís skeleton and skin.
Friction contact parameters.
Transfer of constraints.
Grasping simulation.
Another application to this project:
Character animation.