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SOFA is an international project aiming at developing a real-time simulation platform. The privileged field of application is the simulation of medical interventions. Driven by Inria, the team in charge of the development is composed of 6 researchers, 10 engineers, and much more external users and developers. Downloaded more than 125,000 times, used by industrial and academic partners, SOFA belongs to the major simulation frameworks.

Inria is a research institute in informatics, robotics and information technologies with about 3600 employees in 7 research centers in France.


Very good knowledge of C++.
Good knowledge of agile software development methodologies.
Knowledgeable in mathematics, physics and image processing.


- IHU Strasbourg
1 Place de l’Hopital
 67000 Strasbourg

The physics engine SOFA intends to make a breakthrough in the field of real-time medical simulation. To do so, an open-source consortium will be created. You will be the first employee of this SOFA consortium.

Your mission is to guide the development of the consortium by providing support to the members of the consortium and to the SOFA community. Other tasks are planed such as answering the user forum, the developer mailing-list and participating to the community events. Tutorials and a documentation of the framework should be improved. A “store” should be developed on the SOFA website to highlight the main SOFA modules. Autonomy and curiosity will be a key quality for this position.

Working in contact with the SOFA users, you will be in charge of the community and make it even more attractive. With the help of the SOFA developers, you will define the long-term strategy of SOFA and its consortium.

This position is located within the Mimesis team ( within the IHU in Strasbourg ( You will work in direct collaboration with the research team from Inria Rhône-Alpes, Inria Méditerranée, Inria Grand-Est, as well as other academic and industrial partners.


Graduated from an engineering school (or graduated from university with Master diploma), you might have experience in software development in the field of simulation or 3D visualization (games, CAO, physics simulation, mesh generation …). You have expertise in C++ programming and interest in OpenGL programming, modeling, rendering, animation and simulation. Your english must be fluent to work in team with our international partners.



Duration of 24 months with possibility of extending it as a long-term contract, depending on the future of the consortium.
Salary netto: novice starting at 2000€, confirmed engineers starting at 2300€.


Stephane Cotin, Research Director,
Arnaud Laprevote, Innovation Project Manager,

or directly on our contact page.

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