Software Engineer with Passion for Robotics Sought

Job Description

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TruPhysics is looking for a software engineer whose responsibility will be the integration of two different simulation frameworks in the field of medical and biological informatics: OpenSim and SOFA.
The main task is to integrate the available features and abilities of both frameworks into software platform of the Human Brain Project (HBP). The topic is a simulation of biologically inspired models of two- or four-legged robots that are controlled by neuronal simulations. The control outputs of these neuronal simulations have to be translated and transferred to simulated muscle apparatus and skeletal systems. The long-term objective is to interlink and merge the active muscle simulation of OpenSim with the passive tissue simulation of the SOFA framework.
Depending on your experience and title we offer an income of 3.500-4.500 € (ca. 2.500 € net). We would also support you to move to Germany and find a place to live.

About TruPhysics

TruPhysics develops simulation software solutions to support developers and engineers in development of robot control programs by using a real-time and high-resolution physics simulation. We provide software that enables simulating physical properties, kinematics and behavior of industrial robots, machines and assemblies to test and develop control programs and adjusting automation and control processes already before implementation and commissioning. Thereby plants and industrial robots can be build and put in operation in a safer, faster and more cost-efficient way.
The possible application cases ranges from gripping simulations to detailed simulations of collaborative robots virtual commissioning of complex plants. Another application field is the simulation of possible collision situations and the related forces and danger levels with regard to the safety inspection and approval of HRI-robots.

Requested skills and qualifications

Required skills Nice-to-have Skills
Programming skills C++, Python Cuda, JavaScript
Numerics multi-body systems, FEM methods/software, real-time capable numerical solvers
Simulation & Computer Graphics SOFA framework Gazebo, Bullet Physics, ODE, collision detection, OpenSim, OpenGL, Blender, Siemens NX
Robotics Robot control ROS, Software-API for actors, inverse kinematics
Languages English French, German
Personal Skills Commitment and motivation, willingness to learn, analytical thinking, problem-solving ability, flexibility, reliability Holistic thinking, personal initiative, decision-making ability, communication skills, diligence and accuracy

For more information, contact TruPhysics at +49 160 94425245 or groz [at] truphysics [dot] com.

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