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sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof Class Reference

#include <StopperConstraint.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof:

Protected Attributes

double _invW
double _w
double _min
double _max

Public Member Functions

 StopperConstraintResolution1Dof (const double &min, const double &max)
void init (int line, double **w, double *force) override
 The resolution object can do precomputation with the compliance matrix, and give an initial guess. More...
void resolution (int line, double **, double *d, double *force, double *) override
 Resolution of the constraint for one Gauss-Seidel iteration. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::core::behavior::ConstraintResolution
 ConstraintResolution (unsigned int nbLines, double tolerance=0.0)
virtual ~ConstraintResolution ()
virtual void initForce (int, double *)
 The resolution object can provide an initial guess. More...
virtual void store (int, double *, bool)
 Called after Gauss-Seidel last iteration, in order to store last computed forces for the inital guess. More...
void setNbLines (unsigned int nbLines)
unsigned int getNbLines () const
void setTolerance (double tolerance)
double getTolerance () const

Attribute details

double sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::_invW
double sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::_max
double sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::_min
double sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::_w

Constructor details

sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof ( const double min,
const double max 

Function details

void sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::init ( int  ,
double **  ,

The resolution object can do precomputation with the compliance matrix, and give an initial guess.

Reimplemented from sofa::core::behavior::ConstraintResolution.

void sofa::component::constraintset::StopperConstraintResolution1Dof::resolution ( int  line,
double **  w,
double d,
double force,
double dFree 

Resolution of the constraint for one Gauss-Seidel iteration.

Reimplemented from sofa::core::behavior::ConstraintResolution.