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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::gui::BatchGUI Class Reference

#include <BatchGUI.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::gui::BatchGUI:

Protected Attributes

std::ostringstream m_dumpVisitorStream
sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr groot
std::string filename

Static Protected Attributes

static signed int nbIter = BatchGUI::DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_ITERATIONS
static std::string nbIterInp =""
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from sofa::gui::BaseGUI
static std::string mGuiName = ""
static std::string configDirectoryPath = "."
static std::string screenshotDirectoryPath = "."
static const char * mProgramName = nullptr
static ArgumentParsermArgumentParser = nullptr

Protected Member Functions

 ~BatchGUI () override
 The destructor should not be called directly. Use the closeGUI() method instead. More...
void startDumpVisitor ()
void stopDumpVisitor ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sofa::gui::BaseGUI
 BaseGUI ()
virtual ~BaseGUI ()
 The destructor should not be called directly. Use the closeGUI() method instead. More...

methods each GUI must implement

 BatchGUI ()
void setScene (sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr groot, const char *filename="", bool temporaryFile=false) override
 Register the scene in our GUI. More...
void resetScene ()
int mainLoop () override
void redraw () override
 Update the GUI. More...
int closeGUI () override
 Close the GUI. More...
sofa::simulation::NodecurrentSimulation () override
 Get the rootNode of the sofa scene. More...
static void setNumIterations (const std::string &nbIterInp)

registration of each GUI

static const signed int DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_ITERATIONS = 1000
static BaseGUICreateGUI (const char *name, sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr groot=nullptr, const char *filename=nullptr)
static int RegisterGUIParameters (ArgumentParser *argumentParser)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::gui::BaseGUI
virtual void configureGUI (sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr groot)
 Use a component setting to configure our GUI. More...
void exportGnuplot (sofa::simulation::Node *node, std::string gnuplot_directory="")
virtual void setDumpState (bool)
virtual void setLogTime (bool)
virtual void setExportState (bool)
virtual void setRecordPath (const std::string &)
virtual void setGnuplotPath (const std::string &)
virtual void initViewer (BaseViewer *)
virtual void setViewerConfiguration (sofa::component::configurationsetting::ViewerSetting *)
virtual void setViewerResolution (int, int)
virtual void setFullScreen ()
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const sofa::helper::types::RGBAColor &)
virtual void setBackgroundImage (const std::string &)
virtual BaseViewergetViewer ()
virtual void registerViewer (BaseViewer *)
virtual bool saveScreenshot (const std::string &filename, int compression_level=-1)
virtual void setMouseButtonConfiguration (sofa::component::configurationsetting::MouseButtonSetting *)
virtual void stepMainLoop ()
virtual void sendMessage (const std::string &, const std::string &)
 Send a (script) message. More...
virtual void showFPS (double)
 Force the displayed FPS value (if any) More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::gui::BaseGUI
static std::string & GetGUIName ()
static const char * GetProgramName ()
static void SetProgramName (const char *argv0)
static void SetArgumentParser (ArgumentParser *parser)
static const std::string & getConfigDirectoryPath ()
static const std::string & getScreenshotDirectoryPath ()
static void setConfigDirectoryPath (const std::string &path, bool createIfNecessary=false)
static void setScreenshotDirectoryPath (const std::string &path, bool createIfNecessary=false)

Attribute details

const signed int sofa::gui::BatchGUI::DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_ITERATIONS = 1000
std::string sofa::gui::BatchGUI::filename
sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr sofa::gui::BatchGUI::groot
std::ostringstream sofa::gui::BatchGUI::m_dumpVisitorStream
signed int sofa::gui::BatchGUI::nbIter = BatchGUI::DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_ITERATIONS
std::string sofa::gui::BatchGUI::nbIterInp =""

Constructor details

sofa::gui::BatchGUI::BatchGUI ( )
sofa::gui::BatchGUI::~BatchGUI ( )

The destructor should not be called directly. Use the closeGUI() method instead.

Function details

int sofa::gui::BatchGUI::closeGUI ( )

Close the GUI.

Implements sofa::gui::BaseGUI.

BaseGUI * sofa::gui::BatchGUI::CreateGUI ( const char *  name,
sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr  groot = nullptr,
const char *  filename = nullptr 
sofa::simulation::Node * sofa::gui::BatchGUI::currentSimulation ( )

Get the rootNode of the sofa scene.

Implements sofa::gui::BaseGUI.

int sofa::gui::BatchGUI::mainLoop ( )

Implements sofa::gui::BaseGUI.

void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::redraw ( )

Update the GUI.

Implements sofa::gui::BaseGUI.

int sofa::gui::BatchGUI::RegisterGUIParameters ( ArgumentParser argumentParser)
void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::resetScene ( )
static void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::setNumIterations ( const std::string &  nbIterInp)
void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::setScene ( sofa::simulation::Node::SPtr  groot,
const char *  filename = "",
bool  temporaryFile = false 

Register the scene in our GUI.

Implements sofa::gui::BaseGUI.

void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::startDumpVisitor ( )
void sofa::gui::BatchGUI::stopDumpVisitor ( )