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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::gui::qt::BrowserHistoryEntry Class Reference

Detailed Description

BrowserHistory //////////////////////////////// Hold an history entry which include the .html file, the sofa scene file and the root directory. This was needed to implement the backward function of the doc browser as the internal one implemented in QTextBrowser was only capable of storing the .html file.

Public Attributes

std::string m_htmlfile
std::string m_scenefile
std::string m_rootdir

Public Member Functions

 BrowserHistoryEntry (const std::string &html, const std::string &scene, const std::string &rootdir)

Attribute details

std::string sofa::gui::qt::BrowserHistoryEntry::m_htmlfile
std::string sofa::gui::qt::BrowserHistoryEntry::m_rootdir
std::string sofa::gui::qt::BrowserHistoryEntry::m_scenefile

Constructor details

sofa::gui::qt::BrowserHistoryEntry::BrowserHistoryEntry ( const std::string &  html,
const std::string &  scene,
const std::string &  rootdir