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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage Class Reference

#include <QDocBrowser.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage:

Public Member Functions

 SofaEnrichedPage (QObject *parent=0)
bool isSofaTarget (const QUrl &url)
bool acceptNavigationRequest (const QUrl &url, QWebEnginePage::NavigationType type, bool)


void linkClicked (const QUrl &)

Constructor details

sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage::SofaEnrichedPage ( QObject parent = 0)

PRIVATE OBJECTS ////////////////////////////////// May be moved to their own .cpp/.hh if one day someone needs them.

Function details

bool sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage::acceptNavigationRequest ( const QUrl &  url,
QWebEnginePage::NavigationType  type,
bool sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage::isSofaTarget ( const QUrl &  url)
void sofa::gui::qt::SofaEnrichedPage::linkClicked ( const QUrl &  )