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sofa::gui::qt::vector_data_trait< sofa::core::topology::Topology::Edge > Class Template Reference

#include <SimpleDataWidget.h>

Topological edges/triangles/... support. More...

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Detailed Description

class sofa::gui::qt::vector_data_trait< sofa::core::topology::Topology::Edge >

Topological edges/triangles/... support.

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::gui::qt::vector_data_trait< sofa::helper::fixed_array< sofa::core::topology::Topology::PointID, 2 > >
static std::size_t size (const data_type &)
 Get the number of rows. More...
static const char * header (const data_type &, std::size_t=0)
 Get the name of a row, or nullptr if the index should be used instead. More...
static const value_typeget (const data_type &d, std::size_t i=0)
 Get a row. More...
static void set (const value_type &v, data_type &d, std::size_t i=0)
 Set a row. More...
static void resize (std::size_t, data_type &)
 Resize. More...