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sofa::helper::logging::DefaultStyleMessageFormatter Class Reference

#include <DefaultStyleMessageFormatter.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::helper::logging::DefaultStyleMessageFormatter:

Detailed Description

Format the message using a very simple sofa style. For more advanced formatting style have a look at RichStyleMessageFormatter. Example: [ERROR] ClassName(instanceName): this is a message printed somewhere.

Public Member Functions

void formatMessage (const Message &m, std::ostream &out) override

Static Public Member Functions

static MessageFormattergetInstance ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from sofa::helper::logging::MessageFormatter
 MessageFormatter ()
virtual std::string getPrefixText (unsigned int type) const
virtual std::ostream & setColor (std::ostream &stream, unsigned int type) const

Function details

void sofa::helper::logging::DefaultStyleMessageFormatter::formatMessage ( const Message m,
std::ostream &  out 
static MessageFormatter& sofa::helper::logging::DefaultStyleMessageFormatter::getInstance ( )