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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::helper::logging::ExpectMessage Class Reference

#include <TestMessageHandler.h>

Detailed Description

Rise a gtest failure during the object destruction when the expected message have not been received. Better use the macro: EXPECT_MSG_EMIT(Error) as a more 'good looking' version of

sofa::helper::logging::ExpectMessage failure(sofa::helper::logging::Message::Error, FILE, LINE);

Public Member Functions

 ExpectMessage (Message::Type t, const char *filename="unknown", int lineno=0)
virtual ~ExpectMessage ()

Constructor details

sofa::helper::logging::ExpectMessage::ExpectMessage ( Message::Type  t,
const char *  filename = "unknown",
int  lineno = 0 
sofa::helper::logging::ExpectMessage::~ExpectMessage ( )