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sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame:

Detailed Description

PRIVATE DECLARATION ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Here are declared the classes that are only used for internal use. In case someone want to use them it is easy to move that in .h file. Until that happens, keeps these here to hide the implementation details from the users of the .h And accelerate compilation of Sofa :)

Public Attributes

Message::Type m_type
const char * m_filename
int m_lineno

Public Member Functions

virtual ~GtestMessageFrame ()
virtual void process (Message &)
virtual void finalize ()

Attribute details

const char* sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::m_filename
int sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::m_lineno
Message::Type sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::m_type

Constructor details

virtual sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::~GtestMessageFrame ( )

Function details

virtual void sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::finalize ( )
virtual void sofa::helper::logging::GtestMessageFrame::process ( Message )