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sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest Class Reference

#include <BaseTest.h>

Base class for Sofa test fixtures. More...

Inheritance diagram for sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest:

Detailed Description

Base class for Sofa test fixtures.

Public Attributes

sofa::helper::logging::MessageAsTestFailure m_fatal
sofa::helper::logging::MessageAsTestFailure m_error

Static Public Attributes

static int seed = (unsigned int)time(nullptr)
 Seed value. More...

Public Member Functions

 BaseTest ()
 Initialize Sofa and the random number generator. More...
 ~BaseTest () override
virtual void onSetUp ()
virtual void onTearDown ()

Attribute details

sofa::helper::logging::MessageAsTestFailure sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::m_error
sofa::helper::logging::MessageAsTestFailure sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::m_fatal

To prevent that you simply need to add the line EXPECT_MSG_EMIT(Error); Where you want to allow a message.

int sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::seed = (unsigned int)time(nullptr)

Seed value.

Constructor details

sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::BaseTest ( )

Initialize Sofa and the random number generator.

sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::~BaseTest ( )

Function details

virtual void sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::onSetUp ( )

Reimplemented in sofa::AdvancedTimerTest.

virtual void sofa::helper::testing::BaseTest::onTearDown ( )