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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::component::makedataaliascomponent Namespace Reference


class  MakeDataAliasComponent
 A component to add alias to other components. More...


int MakeDataAliasComponentClass

Detailed Description

I use a per-file namespace so that I can employ the 'using' keywords without fearing it will leack names into the global namespace. When closing this namespace selected object from this per-file namespace are then imported into their parent namespace. for ease of use

Variable Documentation

int sofa::component::makedataaliascomponent::MakeDataAliasComponentClass
Initial value:
= RegisterObject("This object create an alias to a data field. ")
.add< MakeDataAliasComponent >()
RegisterObject & add(bool defaultTemplate=false)
Definition: ObjectFactory.h:291
Helper class used to register a class in the ObjectFactory.
Definition: ObjectFactory.h:259