Radio-Frequency Ablation of Cardiac Arrhythmia

Project Description

This video shows a training simulator dedicated to electro-cardiology. The electrical activity of a human heart is simulated in real-time using SOFA. This application reproduces a specific arrhythmia: an ectopic focus located in the right ventricle. The simulation can be divided into three main parts, all involving user interactions. First, the user must navigate using a catheter from the femoral vein till the contracting right ventricle. Once inside the heart, the user can interact with the electrophysiology of the heart and make measurements. When the pathologic area is located, the user can proceed to the ablation of the arrhythmia.

This work shows the modularity of SOFA: electrical models and mechanical models are simulated based on a multithreaded architecture, the electrophysiology being computed on GPU. This hybrid (CPU-GPU) multithreaded architecture ensures the high level of interactivity of the simulation. This work has been conducted by Hugo Talbot and Federico Spadoni.

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Project Details

  • Date 16 February 2015
  • Tags Electrophysiology, GPU Computing/Multithreading, Haptics, Mechanics, Medical simulation, Multithreading, Non-mechanics, SofaCUDA, XRayRendering
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