Model-Based Control of Soft Robots

Project Description

This work presents a method to control a soft-robots based on an accurate FEM deformable representation of this robot. This generic solution enables a high-rate control and is compatible with strong real-time constraints. The FEM model is computed at low rate whereas the control loop runs at high rate. This inverse model for soft robotics is developed by Christian Duriez.

Related paper here.

The Defrost team proposed a new framework based on SOFA in the context of the Soft Robotics Toolkit initiative, started at Harvard. This framework aims at modeling, simulation and control of soft robots. By modeling the mechanical behavior of soft robots and by using real-time direct/inverse FEM solvers, the Defrost team reached an interactive control of self-fabricated robots. Find out more on the project webpage.

Project Details

  • Date 8 June 2017
  • Tags Mechanics, Robotics, SoftRobot
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