Model Order Reduction for Soft Robotics

Project Description

Obtaining an accurate mechanical model of a soft deformable robot compatible with the computation time imposed by robotic applications is often considered as an unattainable goal. This work implemented by Dr. Olivier Goury offers the possibility to dramatically reduce the size and the online computation time of a Finite Element Model (FEM), in this case of a soft robot.

Applied on a soft robot model, hyper-reduction computes the reduced degrees of freedom based on pre-determined external loads (contact, friction, gravity…) during the offline simulations. Then, the method is validated on two very different examples of FE models of soft robots and on one real soft robot.

Plugin: Model Reduction Plugin
Paper: Fast, generic and reliable control and simulation of soft robots using model order reduction
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Project Details

  • Date 5 September 2018
  • Tags Mechanics, MOReduction, Non-mechanics, Robotics, SoftRobot
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