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The SOFA Consortium staff regularly organizes training sessions to boost your development with SOFA.

Depending on your expertise, the training can cover from the backgrounds to create your own physics simulation up to advanced technical & scientific course to create cutting-edge simulations with SOFA.

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    started with SOFA (introduction course)a deeper understanding of SOFA (advanced course)

    The introduction course aims at discovering the SOFA community, our development processes, understanding the principles of a SOFA simulation using both XML and python scripts. To tailor the course to your needs, we need to know more about your background and experience:
    (0=no experience, 1=basic knowledge, 2=experience, 3=expert)

    Python skills:

    C++ skills:

    knowledge about the Finite Element Method (eg. shape functions, matrix assembly):

    knowledge about numerical analysis (eg. integration schemes, linear system methods):

    knowledge about continuum mechanics (e.g. Hooke's law, hyperelastic laws):

    Specific area of interest

    continuum mechanics and the Finite-Element Method (FEM)collision detectionconstraints in SOFAsolvers and numerical settingssoft-robotics suitedevelopment tutorial: creation of your pluginimprove the performance of your simulationother

    Focus on a plugin

    SoftRobotsBeamAdapterModel Order ReductionCosseratCaribouother

    Expectations with SOFA / Other remarks

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