Mon. 25th Nov.
Training course
Tue. 26th Nov.
Symposium & Award
27-29th Nov.

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    Onsite in LilleOnline

    For safety reasons, on-site attendance could only be granted until Nov 18th.

    Training session  - 25th Nov

    Interested in the training sessions? Note that, if interested, we will send you an appropriate quote further to this registration (*)


    Early bird: 500€ excl. tax. (before the 11th October 2024)
    Regular fare: 650€ excl. tax.

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    Introduction courseAdvanced: soft-robotics course

    Symposium  - 26th Nov (free)

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    Technical Committee#18  - 27-29th Nov (free)

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    SOFA Award 2024

    Do not forget to apply separately for SOFA Awards with any open source contribution of yours and try to win up to 600€!

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