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sofa::gl::GLSLFileListener Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for sofa::gl::GLSLFileListener:

Public Attributes

 This attribute is not owning the pointer. More...

Public Member Functions

 GLSLFileListener (GLSLShader *owner)
void fileHasChanged (const std::string &filename) override
 Inherited from FileEventListener. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::helper::system::FileEventListener
virtual ~FileEventListener ()

Attribute details

◆ m_glslshader

GLSLShader* sofa::gl::GLSLFileListener::m_glslshader

This attribute is not owning the pointer.

Constructor details

◆ GLSLFileListener()

sofa::gl::GLSLFileListener::GLSLFileListener ( GLSLShader owner)

Function details

◆ fileHasChanged()

void sofa::gl::GLSLFileListener::fileHasChanged ( const std::string &  filename)

Inherited from FileEventListener.

Implements sofa::helper::system::FileEventListener.