SOFA API  1e111313
Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::helper::system Namespace Reference




class  atomic
 Atomic type. Only int is supported for now. More...
class  DynamicLibrary
 Wrapper around the dynamic library facilities of the operating system. More...
class  FileEventListener
 Contains an event-based API to monitor file changes. More...
class  FileMonitor
class  FileRepository
class  FileSystem
 Contains functions to interact with the file system. More...
class  Locale
class  MonitoredFile
class  PipeProcess
class  Plugin
class  PluginManager
class  SetDirectory
class  SofaEndl
 SofaEndl asks its eventual container to process the stream. More...
class  SofaOStream
 a SofaOStream is a std::ostringstream encapsulation that can stream a logging::FileInfo and a logging::Message::Type More...
class  TemporaryLocale
 RAII class to modify the locale temporarily. More...


typedef vector< string > ListOfFiles
typedef vector< FileEventListener * > ListOfListeners
typedef list< MonitoredFile * > ListOfMonitors


const char * eventmaskToString (int evtmask)
void addAFileListenerInDict (string pathfilename, FileEventListener *listener)
int FileMonitor_init ()
void catch_alarm (int sig)
std::string cleanPath (const std::string &path)


map< string, ListOfFilesdir2files
map< int, string > fd2fn
map< string, ListOfListenersfile2listener
int filemonitor_inotifyfd =-1
ListOfMonitors monitors
volatile sig_atomic_t keep_going = 1
FileRepository PluginRepository ("SOFA_PLUGIN_PATH",{Utils::getSofaPathTo("lib"), Utils::getSofaPathTo("plugins"),})
 Default repository. More...
FileRepository DataRepository ("SOFA_DATA_PATH", nullptr,{{Utils::getSofaPathTo("etc/sofa.ini"),{"SHARE_DIR","EXAMPLES_DIR"}}})
 Default repository. More...

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

void sofa::helper::system::addAFileListenerInDict ( string  pathfilename,
FileEventListener listener 
void sofa::helper::system::catch_alarm ( int  sig)
std::string sofa::helper::system::cleanPath ( const std::string &  path)
const char * sofa::helper::system::eventmaskToString ( int  evtmask)
int sofa::helper::system::FileMonitor_init ( )

Variable Documentation

SOFA_HELPER_API FileRepository sofa::helper::system::DataRepository

Default repository.

map<string, ListOfFiles> sofa::helper::system::dir2files
map<int, string> sofa::helper::system::fd2fn
map<string, ListOfListeners> sofa::helper::system::file2listener
int sofa::helper::system::filemonitor_inotifyfd =-1
volatile sig_atomic_t sofa::helper::system::keep_going = 1
ListOfMonitors sofa::helper::system::monitors
SOFA_HELPER_API FileRepository sofa::helper::system::PluginRepository

Default repository.