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sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo Struct Reference

#include <FileInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo:

Detailed Description

To keep a trace (file,line) from where the message have been created The filename must be a valid pointer throughoug the message processing If this cannot be guaranteed then use the FileInfoOwningFilename class instead.

Public Attributes

const char * filename {nullptr}
int line {0}

Public Member Functions

 FileInfo (const char *f, int l)

Protected Member Functions

 FileInfo ()

Attribute details

◆ filename

const char* sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo::filename {nullptr}

◆ line

int sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo::line {0}

Constructor details

◆ FileInfo() [1/2]

sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo::FileInfo ( const char *  f,
int  l 

◆ FileInfo() [2/2]

sofa::helper::logging::FileInfo::FileInfo ( )