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sofa::component::solidmechanics::fem::hyperelastic::material::HyperelasticMaterial< DataTypes > Class Template Reference

#include <HyperelasticMaterial.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::component::solidmechanics::fem::hyperelastic::material::HyperelasticMaterial< DataTypes >:

Detailed Description

template<class DataTypes>
class sofa::component::solidmechanics::fem::hyperelastic::material::HyperelasticMaterial< DataTypes >

a Class that describe a generic hyperelastic material . The material is described based on continuum mechanics and the description is independent to any discretization method like the finite element method. A material is generically described by a strain energy function and its first and second derivatives.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~HyperelasticMaterial ()
virtual Real getStrainEnergy (StrainInformation< DataTypes > *, const MaterialParameters< DataTypes > &)
virtual void deriveSPKTensor (StrainInformation< DataTypes > *, const MaterialParameters< DataTypes > &, MatrixSym &)
virtual void applyElasticityTensor (StrainInformation< DataTypes > *, const MaterialParameters< DataTypes > &, const MatrixSym &, MatrixSym &)
virtual void ElasticityTensor (StrainInformation< DataTypes > *, const MaterialParameters< DataTypes > &, Matrix6 &)

Constructor details

◆ ~HyperelasticMaterial()

Function details

◆ applyElasticityTensor()

◆ deriveSPKTensor()

◆ ElasticityTensor()

◆ getStrainEnergy()