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sofa::component::solidmechanics::spring::VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes >::Loader Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for sofa::component::solidmechanics::spring::VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes >::Loader:

Public Attributes

VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes > * dest

Public Member Functions

 Loader (VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes > *dest)
virtual void addVectorSpring (size_t m1, size_t m2, SReal ks, SReal kd, SReal initpos, SReal restx, SReal resty, SReal restz)
 Add an extended spring. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::helper::io::XspLoaderDataHook
virtual ~XspLoaderDataHook ()
 Destructor, does nothing special. More...
virtual void finalizeLoading (bool isOk)
 Called by the XspLoader when the loading is done. More...
virtual void setNumMasses (size_t)
 Called by the XspLoader to specify before loading the number of masses. More...
virtual void setNumSprings (size_t)
 Called by the XspLoader to specify before loading the number of springs. More...
virtual void setGravity (SReal, SReal, SReal)
 Called by the XspLoader to specify the directional gravity. More...
virtual void setViscosity (SReal)
 Called by the XspLoader to specify the viscosity. More...
virtual void addMass (SReal, SReal, SReal, SReal, SReal, SReal, SReal, SReal, bool, bool)
 Add a new mass. More...
virtual void addSpring (size_t, size_t, SReal, SReal, SReal)
 Add a new spring. More...

Attribute details

◆ dest

Constructor details

◆ Loader()

template<class DataTypes >
sofa::component::solidmechanics::spring::VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes >::Loader::Loader ( VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes > *  dest)

Function details

◆ addVectorSpring()

template<class DataTypes >
virtual void sofa::component::solidmechanics::spring::VectorSpringForceField< DataTypes >::Loader::addVectorSpring ( size_t  m1,
size_t  m2,
SReal  ks,
SReal  kd,
SReal  initpos,
SReal  ,
SReal  ,

Add an extended spring.

Reimplemented from sofa::helper::io::XspLoaderDataHook.