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sofa::core::topology::QuadsIndicesSwap Class Reference

#include <TopologyChange.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::core::topology::QuadsIndicesSwap:

Detailed Description

indicates that the indices of two Quads are being swapped

Public Attributes

Topology::QuadID index [2]

Public Member Functions

 QuadsIndicesSwap (const Topology::QuadID i1, const Topology::QuadID i2)
 ~QuadsIndicesSwap () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::core::topology::TopologyChange
virtual ~TopologyChange ()
TopologyChangeType getChangeType () const
 Returns the code of this TopologyChange. More...
virtual bool write (std::ostream &out) const
virtual bool read (std::istream &in)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from sofa::core::topology::TopologyChange
TopologyChangeType m_changeType
 A code that tells the nature of the Topology modification event (could be an enum). More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sofa::core::topology::TopologyChange
 TopologyChange (TopologyChangeType changeType=BASE)

Attribute details

◆ index

Topology::QuadID sofa::core::topology::QuadsIndicesSwap::index[2]

Constructor details

◆ QuadsIndicesSwap()

sofa::core::topology::QuadsIndicesSwap::QuadsIndicesSwap ( const Topology::QuadID  i1,
const Topology::QuadID  i2 

◆ ~QuadsIndicesSwap()

sofa::core::topology::QuadsIndicesSwap::~QuadsIndicesSwap ( )