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sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler Class Reference

#include <FileMessageHandler.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler:

Detailed Description

A message handle that saves the content message passing by in a file. The formatting can be customize by passing a different MessageFormatter in the constructor. Example of use: MessageDispatcher::addHandler(new FileMessageHandler("myfile.log"));

Public Member Functions

 FileMessageHandler (const char *filename, MessageFormatter *formatter=nullptr)
 ~FileMessageHandler () override
void process (Message &m) override
bool isValid ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::helper::logging::MessageHandler
virtual ~MessageHandler ()

Constructor details

sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler::FileMessageHandler ( const char *  filename,
MessageFormatter formatter = nullptr 
sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler::~FileMessageHandler ( )

Function details

bool sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler::isValid ( )
void sofa::helper::logging::FileMessageHandler::process ( Message m)