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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream Class Reference

#include <MessageDispatcher.h>

Detailed Description

a utility interface to automatically process a Message at the end of scope of the LoggerStream variable (processed by all the handlers of the MessageDispatcher)

Public Member Functions

 LoggerStream (const LoggerStream &s)
 LoggerStream (Message::Class mclass, Message::Type type, const ComponentInfo::SPtr &sender, const FileInfo::SPtr &fileInfo)
 ~LoggerStream ()
template<class T >
LoggerStreamoperator<< (const T &x)
Message getMessage () const

Constructor details

sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream::LoggerStream ( const LoggerStream s)
sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream::LoggerStream ( Message::Class  mclass,
Message::Type  type,
const ComponentInfo::SPtr sender,
const FileInfo::SPtr fileInfo 
sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream::~LoggerStream ( )

Function details

Message sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream::getMessage ( ) const
template<class T >
LoggerStream& sofa::helper::logging::MessageDispatcher::LoggerStream::operator<< ( const T &  x)