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sofa::simulation::CollisionEndEvent Class Reference

#include <CollisionEndEvent.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::simulation::CollisionEndEvent:

Detailed Description

Event fired by CollisionVisitor after performing the collision detection step.

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * GetClassName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::core::objectmodel::Event
static const char * GetClassName ()
static size_t getEventTypeCount ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from sofa::core::objectmodel::Event
bool m_handled
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from sofa::core::objectmodel::Event
static size_t s_lastEventTypeIndex = 0
 storing the last given id More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::core::objectmodel::Event
 Event ()
virtual ~Event ()
void setHandled ()
 Tag the event as handled, i.e. the event needs not be propagated further. More...
bool isHandled () const
 Returns true of the event has been handled. More...
virtual const char * getClassName () const
virtual size_t getEventTypeIndex () const =0

Function details

static const char* sofa::simulation::CollisionEndEvent::GetClassName ( )