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sofa::simulation::CollisionResetVisitor Class Reference

#include <CollisionVisitor.h>

Remove collision response from last step. More...

Inheritance diagram for sofa::simulation::CollisionResetVisitor:

Detailed Description

Remove collision response from last step.

Public Member Functions

 CollisionResetVisitor (const core::ExecParams *params)
void processCollisionPipeline (simulation::Node *node, core::collision::Pipeline *obj) override
const char * getClassName () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::simulation::CollisionVisitor
 CollisionVisitor (const core::ExecParams *params)
virtual void fwdConstraintSet (simulation::Node *node, core::behavior::BaseConstraintSet *cSet)
Result processNodeTopDown (simulation::Node *node) override
 Callback method called when decending to a new node. Recursion will stop if this method returns RESULT_PRUNE. More...
const char * getCategoryName () const override
size_t getPrimitiveTestCount () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sofa::simulation::Visitor
 Visitor (const core::ExecParams *params)
virtual ~Visitor ()
const core::ExecParamsexecParams () const
virtual void processNodeBottomUp (simulation::Node *)
 Callback method called after child node have been processed and before going back to the parent node. More...
virtual bool childOrderReversed (simulation::Node *)
 Return true to reverse the order of traversal of child nodes. More...
virtual bool treeTraversal (TreeTraversalRepetition &repeat)
virtual std::string getInfos () const
void debug_write_state_before (core::objectmodel::BaseObject *)
void debug_write_state_after (core::objectmodel::BaseObject *)
template<class Visit , class VContext , class Container , class Object >
void for_each (Visit *visitor, VContext *ctx, const Container &list, void(Visit::*fn)(VContext *, Object *))
 Helper method to enumerate objects in the given list. The callback gets the pointer to node. More...
template<class Visit , class VContext , class Container , class Object >
Visitor::Result for_each_r (Visit *visitor, VContext *ctx, const Container &list, Visitor::Result(Visit::*fn)(VContext *, Object *))
 Helper method to enumerate objects in the given list. The callback gets the pointer to node. More...
bool testTags (core::objectmodel::BaseObject *obj)
virtual void execute (core::objectmodel::BaseContext *node, bool precomputedOrder=false)
 Alias for context->executeVisitor(this) More...
virtual ctime_t begin (simulation::Node *node, core::objectmodel::BaseObject *obj, const std::string &typeInfo=std::string("type"))
virtual void end (simulation::Node *node, core::objectmodel::BaseObject *obj, ctime_t t0)
ctime_t begin (simulation::Visitor::VisitorContext *node, core::objectmodel::BaseObject *obj, const std::string &typeInfo=std::string("type"))
void end (simulation::Visitor::VisitorContext *node, core::objectmodel::BaseObject *obj, ctime_t t0)
virtual bool isThreadSafe () const
 Specify whether this visitor can be parallelized. More...
virtual Result processNodeTopDown (simulation::Node *node, LocalStorage *)
virtual void processNodeBottomUp (simulation::Node *node, LocalStorage *)
VisitorsetTags (const TagSet &t)
VisitoraddTag (Tag t)
VisitorremoveTag (Tag t)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from sofa::simulation::Visitor
TagSet subsetsToManage
 list of the subsets More...
bool canAccessSleepingNode
 Can the visitor access sleeping nodes? More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from sofa::simulation::Visitor
const core::ExecParamsparams

Constructor details

sofa::simulation::CollisionResetVisitor::CollisionResetVisitor ( const core::ExecParams params)

Function details

const char* sofa::simulation::CollisionResetVisitor::getClassName ( ) const

Return a class name for this visitor Only used for debugging / profiling purposes

Reimplemented from sofa::simulation::CollisionVisitor.

void sofa::simulation::CollisionResetVisitor::processCollisionPipeline ( simulation::Node node,
core::collision::Pipeline obj