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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::simulation::xml Namespace Reference


class  AttributeElement
class  BaseElement
class  BaseMultiMappingElement
class  DataElement
class  Element
class  ElementNameHelper
class  NodeElement
class  ObjectElement


 Flags indicating when an element is from an included file that should be treated specifically. More...


Creator< BaseElement::NodeFactory, AttributeElementAttributeNodeClass ("Attribute")
Creator< BaseElement::NodeFactory, DataElementDataNodeClass ("Data")
Creator< BaseElement::NodeFactory, ObjectElementObjectNodeClass ("Object")
void recReplaceAttribute (BaseElement *node, const char *attr, const char *value, const char *nodename=nullptr)
BaseElementincludeNode (TiXmlNode *root, const char *basefilename, ElementNameHelper &resolveElementName)
BaseElementattributeNode (TiXmlNode *root, const char *basefilename)
void recursiveMergeNode (BaseElement *destNode, BaseElement *srcNode)
BaseElementcreateNode (TiXmlNode *root, const char *basefilename, ElementNameHelper &elementNameHelper, bool isRoot=false)
BaseElementprocessXMLLoading (const char *filename, const TiXmlDocument &doc, bool fromMem)
BaseElementloadFromMemory (const char *filename, const char *data, unsigned int)
BaseElementloadFromFile (const char *filename)
SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API bool save (const char *filename, BaseElement *root)


helper::Creator< BaseElement::NodeFactory, NodeElementNodeNodeClass ("Node")
int numDefault =0

Enumeration Type Documentation

Flags indicating when an element is from an included file that should be treated specifically.


indicating a standard node that should be used as child


indicating a node that should be removed, and its content added within the parent node


indicating a node that should be merged with its parent, and any child node with the same name as an existing child should be recursively merged

Function Documentation

BaseElement* sofa::simulation::xml::attributeNode ( TiXmlNode *  root,
const char *  basefilename 
Creator<BaseElement::NodeFactory, AttributeElement> sofa::simulation::xml::AttributeNodeClass ( "Attribute"  )
BaseElement* sofa::simulation::xml::createNode ( TiXmlNode *  root,
const char *  basefilename,
ElementNameHelper elementNameHelper,
bool  isRoot = false 
Creator<BaseElement::NodeFactory, DataElement> sofa::simulation::xml::DataNodeClass ( "Data"  )
BaseElement * sofa::simulation::xml::includeNode ( TiXmlNode *  root,
const char *  basefilename,
ElementNameHelper resolveElementName 
SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API BaseElement * sofa::simulation::xml::loadFromFile ( const char *  filename)
SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API BaseElement * sofa::simulation::xml::loadFromMemory ( const char *  filename,
const char *  data,
unsigned  int 
Creator<BaseElement::NodeFactory, ObjectElement> sofa::simulation::xml::ObjectNodeClass ( "Object"  )
SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API BaseElement * sofa::simulation::xml::processXMLLoading ( const char *  filename,
const TiXmlDocument &  doc,
bool  fromMem 
void sofa::simulation::xml::recReplaceAttribute ( BaseElement node,
const char *  attr,
const char *  value,
const char *  nodename = nullptr 
void sofa::simulation::xml::recursiveMergeNode ( BaseElement destNode,
BaseElement srcNode 
SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API bool sofa::simulation::xml::save ( const char *  filename,
BaseElement root 

Variable Documentation

helper::Creator<BaseElement::NodeFactory, NodeElement> sofa::simulation::xml::NodeNodeClass("Node")
int SOFA_SIMULATION_COMMON_API sofa::simulation::xml::numDefault =0