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sofa::core::behavior::ZeroDirichletCondition Struct Reference

#include <BaseProjectiveConstraintSet.h>

Inheritance diagram for sofa::core::behavior::ZeroDirichletCondition:

Detailed Description

Interface to apply a zero Dirichlet boundary condition on a matrix

If K is a matrix to apply a zero Dirichlet boundary condition: K_ii = 1 K_ij = 0 for i != j K_ji = 0 for i != j

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ZeroDirichletCondition ()=default
virtual void discardRowCol (sofa::Index, sofa::Index)

Constructor details

◆ ~ZeroDirichletCondition()

virtual sofa::core::behavior::ZeroDirichletCondition::~ZeroDirichletCondition ( )

Function details

◆ discardRowCol()

virtual void sofa::core::behavior::ZeroDirichletCondition::discardRowCol ( sofa::Index  ,

Zero out a row and a column of a matrix. The element at the intersection of the row and the column is set to 1.

Reimplemented in sofa::component::linearsystem::MatrixLinearSystem< TMatrix, TVector >::Dirichlet.