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Open source framework for multi-physics simuation
sofa::core::collision Namespace Reference


class  BaseIntersector
class  BaseIntersectorCreator
class  BroadPhaseDetection
 given a set of root collision models, computes potentially colliding pairs. More...
class  CollisionAlgorithm
class  CollisionGroupManager
 Given a set of contacts, create integration groups. More...
class  Contact
 contact response component handling the response between a pair of models More...
class  ContactManager
 Given a set of detected contact points, create contact response components. More...
class  Detection
class  DetectionOutput
 Generic description of a contact point, used for most collision models except special cases such as GPU-based collisions. More...
class  DetectionOutputVector
 Abstract description of a set of contact point. More...
class  DummyDetectionOutputVector
class  DummyNarrowPhaseDetection
 Empty class inheriting from the abstract class NarrowPhaseDetection. More...
class  ElementIntersector
class  Intersection
 Given 2 collision elements, test if an intersection is possible (for bounding volumes), or compute intersection points if any. More...
class  IntersectorCreator
class  IntersectorFactory
class  IntersectorMap
class  MemberElementIntersector
class  NarrowPhaseDetection
 Given a set of potentially colliding pairs of models, compute set of contact points. More...
class  Pipeline
 Pipeline component gather list of collision models and control the sequence of computations. More...
class  TDetectionOutputVector
 Generic description of a set of contact point between two specific collision models. More...


using ContactListener = sofa::component::collision::response::contact::ContactListener

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