Developer of 3D anatomical applications


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Position description

Anatoscope looks for an engineer or doctor in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics. The job consists in developing libraries and applications for 3D anatomical modeling. Documentation and tests required as well.

About Anatoscope

Anatoscope proposes software solutions for healthcare professionals willing to improve the design of patient-specific treatments. Current medical imaging techniques (IRM, CT-Scan, X-ray, perception camera etc.) only provide incomplete data and statistics for diagnostics. Anatoscope is the bridge between these incomplete data and the world of Computer-Assisted Design (CAD). With its patented technology merging all available imaging data, Anatoscope computes a 3D digital avatar of each patient reproducing the biomechanical stress and movement using simulation. Transforming a statistical description into a virtual physical model presents new opportunities such as the automatic design and validation of personalized tools, ready to be manufactured using 3d-printing or traditional techniques. Anatoscope already provides solutions for dentistry and orthopedics and aims at easing the design of any prosthesis, orthotics and personalized surgical tools.

Rising from research at CNRS and Inria, based in Montpellier and Grenoble, Anatoscope succeeded in less than two years to build strong and strategic partnership with EOS Imaging, Biotech Dental and Ottobock. Anatoscope also provides solutions to many customers including Renault, Safran and Oculus VR. Following an very dynamic growth, the company hires 12 engineers and seeks for new talents!

Contact: Anatoscope


Skills and curiosity required in the following domains:

  • Programming and Tools
    • Python,
    • C++,
    • advanced algorithmics,
    • UI and visualization,
    • software engineering, tests,
    • parallel-computing,
    • SOFA
  • Maths : 3D geometry, imaging, modeling, physics/mechanics, optimization


Grenoble or Montpellier (France)

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