The technical roadmap of SOFA is voted by Consortium members during the bi-annual Scientific and Technical Committee (STC). Information regarding the governance of the SOFA Consortium is available on our presentation page.

Do not hesitate to freely register for the next STC. Upcoming STC#9 will take place in Lille in May 2020.


Roadmap topics

Latest STC (STC#8) took place the 20-22nd November 2019 in Paris.
During this meeting, the committee voted the following roadmap:

Data Updates

  • Rollback the changes already done (Visitor solution)
  • Integrate the DataLink in BaseObject to explicit dependency between Data / Components
  • Create a first proof of concept of a DataGraph-oriented simulation on a SOFA subset
  • Test it on several use cases in research teams


  • Update or migrate example scenes
  • Be able to work with both SofaPython and SofaPython3 at the same time
    → binary version of SOFA will not be bound to a specific version of SofaPython
  • Explain clearly at release this is the last release with SofaPython
  • Remove SofaPython from SOFA repo


  • Go from alpha state to beta state: something stable and usable
  • Internal/External Javascript + API
  • Runtime stability
  • Include more people after STC#9

More projects

Besides the main roadmap tasks, a lot of projects are going to evolve in the next 6 months. Please find the details of their objectives in the STC#8 Report below.

  • User Experience
    The whole community is working on making SOFA user experience better and better.
    Here are some objectives for v20.06:
    – Improve documentation
    – Improve tutorials
    – Launch SOFA Continuous Delivery and link SOFA Package Manager to its artifacts
  • DocBrowser
    This project is held by Defrost team from Inria Lille.
    → See the DocBrowser branch for details.
    Further to SOFA dev environment update (minimal supported versions of compilers and dependencies), DocBrowser features will be integrated in runSofa.

Read the full STC#8 report

Read reports of previous STC

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