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If SOFA is a useful tool in your everyday work, you can make a difference for the open-source project in many different ways: add SOFA in your project proposal, contribute, participate to our events, cite us and communicate on social media!

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Financial support

Financial support is obviously among the most significant ways to demonstrate your interest in the open-source project. You can fund SOFA either by becoming a SOFA Consortium member or by making a donation. Such a financial support directly impacts the engineering power dedicated to SOFA.

Two levels of membership are currently available with specific associated privileges:

Technical Member

5,000€* per year
    • Permanent member of
      the Scientific & Technical Committee
    • Vote the roadmap
    • Vote the integration
      of sensitive pull-requests
    • Propose new development axes
      for the roadmap
    • Validate the GitHub reviewer team

Strategic Partner

20,000€* per year
    • Permanent member of
      the Executive Committee
    • All privileges of Technical Member
    • Define priority missions
      of the Consortium staff
    • Privileged communication
      and promotion policy
    • Influence all strategic questions


Any amount  
    • Without return consideration

* Membership fees are given excluding VAT.
For non-European partners, French VAT must be applied whether partners are not subject to VAT in their country.

Donations are the quickest and easiest way to financially support the open-source initiative. Donations are given without return consideration and they significantly contribute to the adequate staffing required to fulfill our open-source missions. Since the SOFA Consortium is administratively hosted by the Inria Foundation, a non-profit organization, donations for SOFA are tax-deductible (66%) in France and in the US.

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