A membership is the prerequisite to benefit from any of the following services.
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As a service, the Consortium offers a privileged and personalized support to quickly answer your question and solve your problems.

Support (in hours) Price (in euros)
5 1,000
50 5,000
100 8,000

Do no hesitate to contact us if you need a more customized support.


Each year, the Consortium organizes the SOFA days. This event is the opportunity to gather the community and to present SOFA to a new audience. At this occasion, the global principles of SOFA are presented and a tutorial “Hands on SOFA” illustrates the theory. This event is free for Consortium members.

The Consortium also proposes personalized training. Presentations might be done on specific topics or for a specific audience according to your needs. These training sessions are the opportunity for you to get an efficient and accurate introduction to SOFA, or to start developing your own application with the help of SOFA experts.

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