SOFA Events

SOFA training sessions

Regular training

The SOFA Consortium organizes regular training sessions to start your development with SOFA. The introduction training focuses on an overview of SOFA and its community, examples of applications, a user tutorials, the theoretical backgrounds on simulation and finally a developer tutorial. The upcoming session is scheduled:

  • on June, 1st in Paris, France (full day)
    Registration Fees: 700€ / participant (excluding taxes)

Tailored training

The Consortium also proposes personalized training. Presentations might be done on specific topics, for a specific audience or at specific dates according to your needs. These training sessions are the opportunity for you to get an efficient and accurate introduction to SOFA, or to start developing your own application with the help of SOFA experts.

SOFA day 2018

Once a year, the Consortium organizes the SOFA day. This event is the opportunity to gather the community, discuss about the latest research and industrial projects, discover the latest prototypes based on SOFA and meet companies of the SOFA ecosystem.

The SOFA day 2018 is scheduled in September/October 2018 and should take place in Strasbourg, France. Details of the event will soon be given. If you are already interested to present your work, meet the academic and industrial partners, contact us.

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