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The SOFA Consortium aims at gathering partners understanding they have a shared interest in improving SOFA. These partners are therefore willing to contribute to adequate staffing of the consortium through membership fees to deliver increasingly better versions of SOFA. The SOFA Consortium is administratively hosted by the Inria Foundation, a non-profit organization.

The established missions of the SOFA Consortium focus on:

  • developing the code of SOFA
  • coordinating the developments
    • Organization of the weekly meetings and steering committees (STC)
    • Managing the technical maintenance and all contributions from the community
    • Generate and sign the official SOFA releases
  • growing the SOFA community
    • Interact with consortium members to understand their needs; collect their input for the roadmap and more generally help them get the most out of SOFA
    • Make users aware of the consortium and encourage them
    • Organize events, thus fostering technical discussions
    • Be the central point of information from the SOFA network and foster collaborations
  • fostering the SOFA ecosystem and business
    • Encourage users to join the consortium
    • Communicate and highlight research and industrial achievements
    • Disseminate SOFA as a generic physics engine
    • Promote SOFA open and closed-source technologies on the Marketplace
  • providing support and training as services for SOFA


The Consortium relies on two steering committees:

Executive Committee

This committee appraises the proper functioning and the management conducted by the SOFA Consortium. Regarding the financial status of the Consortium, the Executive Committee decides on evolutions of the membership contract. Considering the recommendations submitted by the Scientific & Technical Committee, this committee also defines the communication policy and the priority of the Consortium.

The Executive Committee includes:

  • one representative for each Strategic Partner
  • one representative of the Inria Foundation
  • one scientific representative
  • one representative of the Scientific & Technical Committee

Scientific & Technical Committee

This committee is in charge of the federation and coordination of development actions in the SOFA community. It defines the technical roadmap twice a year, validate the contribution rules, the GitHub reviewer team and discuss every technical point in SOFA. This committee submits recommendation to the Executive Committee.

The Scientific & Technical Committee includes:

  • one representative for each Strategic Partner
  • one representative for each Technical Member
  • one representative of the Inria Foundation

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SOFA Consortium Staff


Hugo Talbot

  • Manages the steering committees
  • Develops the activity of the SOFA ecosystem
  • Manages the communication around SOFA
  • Supports the SOFA community


Guillaume Paran

  • Builds tech. solutions for the SOFA Consortium
  • Handles the SOFA events (SOFA days)
  • Animates the SOFA meetings
  • Supports the SOFA community

SOFA Consortium Members

Strategic Partners



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