The Consortium has to represent the identity of SOFA. As a consequence, the first mission of the Consortium is to promote SOFA in conferences, forums or any other event. The Consortium must present SOFA to researchers and industrials and inform about all activities around the simulation platform and the available applications. By advertising all these work, the Consortium will bring more visibility to the entire SOFA community, encourage partnership and stimulate technology transfer.

Second, the Consortium now becomes a privileged contact point for any question or request. Members, users, beginners or any interested partner can contact us. We will find the answer to your needs and thus increase the interactions outside and within the community.

Third, the Consortium is in charge of coordinating the developments made in SOFA. Through regular meetings, and bi-annual technical committee, the Consortium makes sure the development follows the road map. Moreover, the Consortium sticks to the vision of SOFA as an open-source software, that has to become more and more stable and easy to use.

Finally, a free support is provided by the Consortium on the public version of SOFA, with the help of the entire SOFA community.


The Consortium will coordinate and support all activities around SOFA. The Consortium relies on two main committees:

Technical Committee

This committee manages the development made in SOFA and take the strategic decisions for technical topics. The committee meets twice a year. At this occasion, the achieved developments in SOFA are summarized, feedback from the community are detailed, and the future orientation and strategy for SOFA are discussed. This committee is therefore responsible for the technical roadmap of SOFA.
The technical committee includes:

  • one Inria representative
  • one representative of the administrative board
  • one representative per Premium partners

Administrative Board

This board concentrates on all the administrative tasks, such as the definition of the membership, the pricing system for our services. This board also discusses the communication strategy of the Consortium.
The administrative board includes:

  • one Inria representative
  • one representative for industrial members
  • one representative for academic members
  • a president elected each year among the previous representative



Hugo Talbot

  • Sits in the Administrative Board
  • Organizes the different meetings
  • Develops the activity of SOFA Consortium
  • Communicates about SOFA Consortium


Guillaume Paran

  • Builds tech. solutions for SOFA Consortium
  • Manages support on the SOFA forum
  • Handles the SOFA events (SOFA days)
  • Communicates about SOFA Consortium

The SOFA community would be pleased to offer you support and encourage contributions from any SOFA users.

Enjoy your SOFA experience, give us some feedback and contact us for any information.

The SOFA Community, Inria.
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