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The online SOFA Documentation is made available on a GitHub repository to allow anyone for improving it! Your contribution can significantly help new users

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Ask for help – Forum

A forum is available for any user technical questions or issues. Sign in, post your question and get feedback from the community!

Report a bug

There is nothing to it! Whatever issue you are having, you are likely not the only one, so others will find your issue helpful, too!
Check out the Guidelines.

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How to contribute

SOFA is an open-source project hosted on GitHub. All development discussions take place on this GitHub platform. Contributions are done through pull-requests.
Check out the Guidelines.

Meetings: request access

The community of SOFA developer relies on two main meetings:

  • weekly visio-meeting (see mailing-list below),
  • bi-annual strategic and technical meeting.

Help new users

Many new users are asking questions on the forum. Help the SOFA community and give your input on these pending topics!

Chat with developers

A dev-room has been recently opened on Gitter to have informal discussions with SOFA developers. Join the team!

Promotion and communication

We also strongly encourage SOFA users and developers to promote their work with SOFA through all communication channels:

The Consortium is also there to help you promoting and transfering your technologies on the Marketplace.

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