The SOFA Week is designed to gather the entire SOFA community, to present technological and scientific advances, while fostering the networking within the community. Last year was the first occurrence of the international SOFA Week and appeared to be a great success within the community.

Let’s make it even bigger for 2019!

You can already book in your agenda the annual SOFA Week scheduled on 18-22nd November 2019 in Paris.
During the SOFA week, you can attend:

  • scientific and industrial conferences
  • live demos
  • the technical committee (STC#8)
  • a training session on SOFA
  • and tutorials on plugins!

Already interested? Contact the SOFA staff for any details or question you may have.

Training session

As for its first occurrence, the SOFA Week 2019 will start with a training day. The training session aims at introducing new users to SOFA, providing the theoretical backgrounds on physics simulation and working on both user and developer tutorials.

Plugin sessions

Plugin sessions will be proposed on specific plugins in order to disseminate open- or closed-source plugins existing around SOFA. With such an insight in these plugins, the session should strongly motivate collaborations and new project ideas among the participants.

International Symposium

Researchers and companies from the SOFA community join the Symposium in order to share ideas, experiences and to present their on-going research or products based on SOFA. Several sessions of presentations will be organized regarding various simulation topics and application fields. Booths will also be made available for technology demonstrations. This international event is an exciting opportunity, fostering discussions and new collaborations!

Freely register to 2019 Symposium

STC#8: Technical Committee

The week will close with the bi-annual SOFA Technical Committee. This technical committee governs and takes all technical decisions for the roadmap towards upcoming releases. Open and free, the STC is a unique occasion to meet SOFA developers, discuss the on-going developments and code all together during the coding sprint session!

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