SOFA & UnrealEngine 5 – Basic Renderer

Project Description

This repository is a Unreal Engine 5 plugin allowing to render a SOFA simulation scene inside UE5. All SOFA VisualModel components present in the loaded simulation will be rendered inside UE5 engine as Actor with a GeneratedMesh instance. Thus, it is possible to apply Unreal Engine Materials to each visual model and also to combine UE5 rendering pipeline with the SOFA simulation.
License Open-source
Version v22.12

GitHub repository

This version allows only to change the Gravity and the time step of the SOFA simulation and only the VisualModel are mapped into UE5. A full integration of SOFA components with a two-way communication will soon be available.


  • Unreal Engine version 5.0.3
  • SOFA version >= 22.12 with SofaPhysicsAPI
  • Windows only

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