SOFA trainings

SOFA training sessions

The SOFA Consortium organizes regular training sessions to start your development with SOFA. The training aims at bringing all the basics to create your own physics simulation and develop with SOFA. The training covers the following topics:

  • an overview of SOFA and its community
  • examples and applications using SOFA
  • a user tutorial
  • from the math to the code
  • a dev tutorial (more suitable for onsite session)

Online training session

An online format of the training is now available. Online sessions are setup trough a video conference system. The training can thus be attended from anywhere.

  • Dates: 23rd November (SOFA Week)
  • Registration fees:
    • early bird: 500€ / participant (excl. tax.)
    • regular fare: 700€ / participant (excl. tax.)
  • Max. number of participants: 5

Onsite training session

If you prefer a more interactive format, a training session is scheduled in Paris. The onsite training is ideal to efficiently start a development project.

Postoned due to Covid-19 in Europe.

  • Date: to be defined
  • Location: to be defined
  • Max. number of participants: 8

Tailored training

The Consortium also proposes personalized training. Presentations might be done on specific topics, for a specific audience or at specific dates according to your needs. These training sessions are the opportunity for you to get an efficient and accurate introduction to SOFA, or to start developing your own application with the help of SOFA experts.

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