MSc Internship on 3D Cardiac Electromechanical Modelling


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About Inria Epione team

The Epione team focuses on the development of the e-patient (digital patient) for e-medicine (digital medicine):

  • the e-patient (or digital patient) is a set of computational models of the human body able to describe and simulate the anatomy and the physiology of the patient’s organs and tissues, at various scales, for an individual or a population. The e-patient can be seen as a framework to integrate and analyze in a coherent manner the heterogeneous information measured on the patient from disparate sources: imaging, biological, clinical, sensors, etc.
  • e-medicine (or digital medicine) is defined as the computational tools applied to the e-patient to assist the physician and the surgeon in their medical practice, to assess the diagnosis/prognosis, and to plan, control and evaluate the therapy.

Clinical context

Heart failure (HF) is one of the major health issues in Europe affecting 6 million patients and growing substantially because of the ageing population and improving survival following myocardial infarction. The poor short to medium term prognosis of these patients means that, treatments such as cardiac resynchronisation therapy and mitral valve repair can have a considerable impact. However, these therapies, are ineffective in up to 50% of the treated patients and involve significant morbidity and substantial cost. The aim of this project is to optimise a 3D electromechanical model of the heart in order to improve therapy selection and treatment optimisation in HF. Such 3D models are often hindered by their complexity and their computational cost, which makes parameter estimation, and therefore personalisation, very challenging in a clinical timeframe.

Position Description

The objective of this Master internship is to develop a reduced computational model that both captures the important phenomena in cardiac mechanics and electrophysiology for heart failure, and enables robust personalisation in a timeframe compatible with clinical applications. This will be done in collaboration with clinicians experts in heart failure and resynchronisation therapy.

This work could lead to the discovery of important factors for patients’ management, in particular for patient selection and therapy optimisation. This internship position will be at Inria, the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Mathematics, in the Epione research team of the Inria Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée Research Centre, located on the French Riviera.


  • Biomedical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics (MSc level)
  • Eager to work in the medical field, to learn and take initiatives
  • Fluent in English (Reading, Writing, Speaking)

Job location: Inria Sophia Antipolis, 2004 route des lucioles, 06 902 Sophia Antipolis, France
Contract: 6 months
Start: ASAP
Salary: gross remuneration of 1445 Euros/month (net is about 1182 Euros)


Send resume & motivation letter: Maxime Sermesant, Hervé Delingette Mail

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