PhD scholarship on soft-robotics and molecular analysis


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Through the PEARL program of the University of Lille, the Defrost team proposes a PhD scholarship on soft-robotics and molecular analysis by mass spectrometry.

PhD Project

Surgery remains the first treatment in many pathologies. Surgery quality positively impacts patient quality of life. For solid tumors, it is also tightly related to the patient survival and the patient relapse. Despite important advances in surgical practices and the development of additional tools, surgeons are still facing issues to define the excision margins, find the loco-regional extension of the tumors and obtain a real-time in vivo diagnostic. The goal of this PhD is to develop a soft robotic device that will bring the surgeon a molecular information in vivo and in real-time while being compatible with surgery practices such as laparoscopy to help the surgeon to make the right decision and guide his/her gesture. The developed mini-invasive technology will combine in vivo molecular analysis by mass spectrometry.


  • M.Sc. degree in computer science, robotics, engineering (or related fields)
  • Experience in C/C++, Python and Git
  • Experience with FEM modeling and mechanical design and CAD software
  • Familiarity with Matlab/Simulink and/or relevant computer vision library (e.g., ViSP, OpenCV, PCL) and/or control theory are a plus
  • Strong interest in scientific research
  • Scientific curiosity, large autonomy and ability to work independently

How to apply ?

  • This PhD is funded by the prestigious program « Pearl » from the University of Lille. The process is described here: This program places certain constraints on the eligibility of candidates. Please check first if you are eligible:
  • Send an email to Christian Duriez with a copy for Isabelle Fournier (specialized in mass spectrometry) accompanied with a curriculum and a motivation letter.
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