Software engineer for simulation of cardiac arrhythmia ablation


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About Inria Epione team & IHU Lyric

The Epione team is an Inria research team aiming at developing new algorithms and methods to foster e-medicine technologies. Creating a e-patient (or digital patient) requires a set of computational models of the human body able to describe and simulate the anatomy and the physiology of the patient’s organs and tissues, at various scales, for an individual or a population.

The IHU Lyric is a research, treatment, innovation and teaching institute, wholly dedicated to the study, diagnosis and treatment of cardiac electrical disorders, headed by Professor Michel Haissaguerre. These electrical disorders are responsible for various cardiovascular diseases and sudden deaths and cause, directly or indirectly, around one third of all deaths in the world. The strength of Liryc is the breadth and depth of its scientific expertise, and its close association with internationally recognized clinical teams and information technology and modeling laboratories already based in Bordeaux.

Description of the work

A concrete and innovative project directly used by doctors and researchers. Your role will be to participate in the development of MUSIC software, which is a collaboration between IHU LYRIC and Inria, the French institute for research in computer science and mathematics. This project aims to create a multimodal exploration tool combining the different technologies available in the study of cardiac electrical disorders, which allows a multiparameter evaluation of pathologies, and a treatment guidance on a single platform. You will be able to interact directly with doctors and researchers to best meet their needs.

The project is developed mainly in C ++ under the CMake production system and the Git / Github version manager, and relies heavily on the Qt library. In addition, the VTK and ITK libraries are used for data processing and visualization. Continuous integration is done on Jenkins.

The purpose of this post is to develop in MUSIC:

  • mainly with C ++, Qt and VTK languages ​​and libraries,
  • real-time display of 3D catheters, physiological signals from catheters, and images from medical imagers (MRI, CT Scanner),
  • an event management system,
  • rendering algorithms: cinematic rendering, transparency, colors, blend meshes / volume rendering.

It is also asked to:

  • participate in experimental tests,
  • participate in demonstrations, presentations, software trainings,
  • participate in all phases of the project (software design, development, testing),
  • write the technical documentation and associated user documentation.

Will be studied and / or tested, the feasibility of:

  • a Unity3D gateway between the input data (imagers, catheters, etc.) and the MUSIC platform,
  • the integration of Hololens type virtual reality devices and augmented reality,
  • Interaction interfaces type Leap Motion,
  • coupling with a real-time simulator of cardiac activity.


You will therefore get involved in the clinical and academic teams to match the research technologies with the clinical expectations.

The software mainly involves:

  • C++,
  • CMake
  • and the versioning system Git/GitHub.

Knowledge of Qt is a plus since the software get a dependency on Qt libraries.
Moreover, VTK and ITK libraries are also used to analyze, process and visualize medical data.


Contact Maxime from the Epione team to apply!

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