InfinyTech3D is a startup company created by Erik Pernod, an expert SOFA developer, in early 2018. Erik Pernod is a engineer with a field of expertise focused on simulation and modeling for years: he started as research engineer at the French research institute Inria, Erik then worked as technical officer at Belcurves company and finally, created this year his own company InfinyTech3D.

InfinyTech3D is a private organization proposing services for SOFA:

  • consulting
  • tailored development
  • and licensing of specific modules (like SOFA-Unity and soon SOFA-Unreal Engine)

In case you are interested in SOFA and you need the help of expert, InfinyTech3D is a perfect company for you to collaborate and build your first proof of concept with SOFA.


Contact: Erik Pernod
Videos: YouTube account
Website: InfinyTech3D