Three new SOFA publications this week!

Journal papers

First, two journal papers were published:

  • in IEEE TBME about the real-time error control for surgical simulation:
    This paper highlights a adaptive finite element approach for real-time simulation driven by a posteriori error and illustrates the method on a needle insertion problem. SOFA is used for the simulation handling dynamic topological changes.
  • in IJCARS about a rule-mased method to model myocardial fiber orientation for simulating ventricular outflow tract arrhythmias:

    SOFA is used to model the anisotropic electrical activation of a patient heart taking into account fiber orientation. Myocardial fiber orientation determines the propagation of electrical waves in the heart and the contraction of cardiac tissue, and therefore allows a better simulation and prediction of arrhythmia. Using a rule-based method authors succeed to create a detailed fiber orientation.

Conference articles

One conference article was also accepted :

Congratulations to the authors!