Great news! A book chapter entitled “Non linear Biomechanical Model of the Liver” was recently published in Biomechanics of Living Organs. This work presents the validation of hyperelastic materials in SOFA and arises from the collaboration with ICube (Institut de Mécanique des Fluides et des Solides) and NUS (National University of Singapore).

Modeling the liver biomechanics represents a significant challenge due to its complex nature: perfused with blood and sensitive to strain rate. The research teams therefore developed a porous visco-hyperelastic model as a liver parenchyma material. To meet the requirements of real time surgery simulation, the Multiplicative Jacobian Energy Decomposition method (MJED) to obtain a fast assembly of stiffness matrices on linear tetrahedral elements. This work was done in a private SOFA plugin. Contact us for more information.

Congratulations for this impressive
scientific achievement with SOFA!