The 44th Annual international conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC2022) is held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, from July 11-15, 2022. At this occasion, a SOFA workshop has been submitted and officially accepted!

Workshops take place on the first day of the conference. Register and join us to take this presentation and hands-on SOFA!


SOFA is an open-source framework for interactive physics simulation, with an emphasis on soft body dynamics. Further to 16 years of research and development, the framework is made up of a stable core providing state-of-the-art models and numerical
methods. Its LGPL v2.1 open-source license (permissive and non-contaminating) and its plugin architecture foster the development of prototypes and products under any commercial license. Today, SOFA benefits from a large international community made up of research centers and companies.

Engineering simulation software has become invaluable within many industries. The role of simulation in all medical curricula to safely learn and rehearse surgical procedures significantly increased in the last decade. Research centers and companies rely on SOFA to build realistic simulations for surgical training and planning with haptic, VR/AR technologies.

Physics simulation with SOFA has applications beyond healthcare. For device manufacturing, SOFA can be a strategic approach to shorten the design cycle and to reduce its costs, by predicting and optimizing the interaction between the product and its physical
environment. In robotics, teams within the community aim at revolutionizing how to control and design robots using simulation.

Program (July 11th, 08:30–12:30)

  • Introduction on biomechanical simulation with SOFA
    • What is SOFA?
    • A development project
    • Its international community
  • Understanding SOFA at a glance
    • Main principles
    • Life cycle
  • User tutorial: hands-on!
    • Download SOFA
    • Building a simulation step by step in XML
    • The power of Python