Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI)

Project Description

Under LGPL open-source license v3, this plugin brings Rendering Hardware Interface API (from Qt) into SOFA. Concretly, it allows the user to execute rendering code using one of those API: OpenGL ES 2, Vulkan, Direct3D 11 and Metal, with the same code. It is relying on the RHI API from Qt (>5.12).

GitHub repository

Note that this API is still considered private in Qt5. (meaning no support from them and the code can break anytime).
This plugin is composed of :

  • SOFA components to draw using RHI (VisualModel, VisualLoop)
  • a Drawtool class for the existing code (mainly in the draw() functions)
  • a viewer meant for runSofa and its Qt interface (effectively replacing QtViewer and QGLViewer)
  • an offscreen renderer

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