Registration “SOFA VIP”

Today, the SOFA initiative does not generate enough revenue to cover the engineering costs required to make SOFA a solid technological base for research and industry. While the Consortium members cover part of these costs, most of the SOFA funding comes from Inria. For continued support until more members join the consortium, it is key for SOFA to collect testimonies and feedback regarding the interest and use of SOFA, especially from for-profit companies, in order to continuously demonstrate its worldwide attractivity.

To this end, we created the SOFA VIP group. By invitation only, it gathers SOFA’s closest collaborators. By becoming a SOFA VIP, your interest in SOFA is acknowledged, you access privileged information without necessarily being a Consortium Member and you gain visibility in the Consortium communication.

By filling the following form:

  • (internal use only) you agree to share information about your identity and use of the software with the SOFA Consortium
  • (optional) you can authorize the SOFA Consortium to use your name and image in its communication
  • the Consortium staff commits to keeping you updated regarding strategic and technical issues
  • the Consortium staff invites you – if interested – to attend the SOFA Executive Committee (without voting rights)

As part of the SOFA VIP, you shall receive an invitation to update the following form every year.


    Your Name and Firstname

    Your institution

    Number of SOFA users and developers

    Your email

    URL to your institution logo (optional)

    Your use of SOFA

    Scene creationPlugin creation (used within runSofa)Creation of non-plugin applications (SOFA as a lib)Modifications of plugins maintained by the consortium (e.g. SofaPython3)Modifications of applications maintained by the consortium (e.g. runSofa)Modifications of the framework (modules)Other

    Your version of SOFA

    Your productions using SOFA (projects, papers, plugins, prototypes, products, etc.)

    Citation about your experience with SOFA, we could highlight online

    What developments or evolutions would you like to see in the open-source project?

    For communication purposes, do you agree sharing:

    - your logo


    - your testimony


    - information related to your SOFA productions


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